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Glynn is a world adventurer. He is professional, fit, handsome, a cross between Indiana Jones and a Wall Street banker. I love his style of travel; find the quirkiest place possible, immerse yourself in it, and then blend with the locals. Mixing the unexpected with the comfortable is the anatomy of an epic vacation. This takes trust in the moment. Death Valley is a very quirky place, making it a perfect destination for Glynn. He visits often and you can’t tell him apart from a local.

One day, an unexpected thing happened to Glynn in the English Channel. He had a brain aneurism while under water on a dive. He was in a decompression chamber for two weeks. He then had to recover from a stroke. “In the beginning, if I didn’t concentrate on standing, I would just fall over.” Glynn feels people can recover their faculties after a stroke, but it is dauntingly difficult. He made the choice to go for it, trusted that he would prevail and moment by moment he relearned just about everything. Glynn did prevail to travel the world again.

Glynn booked an upcoming visit. We can’t wait. We’ll watch the sunset, the cat will be on his lap, and we travel vicariously through Glynn to some quirky corner of the world and get to know its locals. Once again, I will be reminded that trusting in the moment is the only way to be comfortable in this harsh and unpredictable Mojave Desert. The reward for me is an epic lifestyle. Every day I get to connect with people like Glynn, the natural world and myself. For me, it doesn’t get better than this.

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