No Internet (Cynthia has a connection, we didn’t use it), no cell service, no tv, no hassle….. just peace and quiet!!!

Cynthia is simply adorable… Baxter, Bob and Billy (the dogs) and the cats were adorable – and frankly, when I read that staying here would “make you a better person” I thought – “Yea, right….” but it does, it re-connects you to a simpler and more reflective life that we all strive for – in between the dozens of cell calls and emails and all the BS that we think is important. You find yourself thinking…. I could learn to live more simply and with less stress.

To just sit and see the millions of stars…. to hike through canyons that are millions of years old…. to just realize how small our own existence really is in the big scheme of things! Hell, we stayed three days – no internet, cell, tv – and the world stayed on it’s axis and life is better now for the time we decompressed and got to spend three days enjoying the rare opportunity to live simply.

Great beer at the little brewery down the street – beer made with a rare passion of the owner and the natural hot springs on the side of the road are a couple of the highlights…. but the best thing is the quiet, the sense of peace that envelopes you the moment you arrive. Take a break from yourself and enjoy your time here.