Past guests share their great experiences at Cynthia's

Excellent. After 2 lovely weeks on the road in Nevada and California, this was the place we were most looking forward to staying. Three years ago we stayed in the cabins (also very nice), but this time we decided to try out the Tipis. A great place to stay for a long weekend, especially if you have kids. Explore the Oasis and drink a date shake. Have a BBQ in the evening or just sit around the camp fire and listen out for the sound of Coyotes.

Cynthia’s is a great place to wind down and just chill out, I can’t think of anything negative about staying here. I’ll definitely be staying there the next time I’m back in the area.

Jonathan W

Munich, Bayern, Germany

Let go and be there, you will be glad you did! Cynthia’s is incredibly funky. Cynthia herself is fabulous, she is friendly and warm and her knowledge of the area is a wonderful resource. We used her place as base camp for 6 nights–we made forays into Death Valley, the Amargosa Canyon, Ash Meadows, and the Mohave. She even suggested a great canyon to check out on our way back to Vegas. Three of us stayed in the Gypsy Room and we had access to the hostel kitchen. We prepared our breakfasts and lunches, and ate our suppers out. It is QUIET and the night skies are incredible. She has a little tower for stargazing and you can shut all the lights off so your eyes adjust. The room was very clean and we were very satisfied. Oh yes, her dog Bob is a real treat–are you afraid of dogs or do you have small kids? Worry not, Bob is a rare dog, calm and placid and you will love him even if you aren’t fond of dogs!

Barbara R

Glastonbury, Connecticut

I loved this place. I stayed in the dorm for the two nights I was there at the end of November, and I had the place to myself. It really did feel like it was in the middle of nowhere, and when I got there I had to phone Cynthia (a phone is handily provided) to let her know I had arrived. She was really helpful in giving suggestions for what to do, where to eat, and knows a lot about the general area. No breakfast or anything is provided (she did mention that she used to have a kitchen that people could use but it’s now closed) so you’ll have to go elsewhere for that. Really nice and quiet at night (though it could be a bit windy sometimes!). I’m not sure about the other accommodation but the dorm is great value for money in how cozy and quirky it feels.

Emily G

Edinburgh, UK

Staying in a Tipi in a hidden oasis in the middle of the desert is an unique and amazing experience. Stargazing, solitude and coyotes howling in the night. The real deal! Cynthia is there to welcome you and guide you through the canyon to reach the Oasis of date palms. She will make sure you are settled in.

Caroline D

San Marcos, California

Wig wam in the desert, unforgettable experience! We stayed in one of the wig wams for one night of our honeymoon. We arrived late and Cynthia had made us a lovely chicken dinner to eat at our wig wam. We cracked open a couple of beers, leaned back and watched the stars. The night sky was amazing. The wig wams are lovely – ours had a double bed, coffee table and antique towel stand, with attractive bedding and cushions. There is a small cottage close to the wig wams with bathroom and a cooking area with fridge and facilities for guests. Cynthia is a great person and a lovely host – we had breakfast with her the following day and enjoyed putting the world to rights. Her suggestion to go to Bodie ghost town instead of Rhylite was a brilliant tip. Bodie was unbelievable. We drove through the whole of Death Valley and can say the wig wams are definitely the best, most unique place to stay. Thanks Cynthia x


Manchester, UK