Custom Desert Safaris

Explore 2 magnificent valleys of the American Southwest; The Amargosa River and Death Valley National Park

I curate tours with handpicked adventures for each guest and group.  It’s what I love to do. I’ve been living, exploring and sharing this rugged desert for over 20 years.“  Cynthia – Cynthia’s Safaris



1-2 people     $1830.00

3-5 people     $3875.00

6-8 people     $5400.00

9-11 people   $7155.00


DAY 1   Arrive and settle into Cynthia’s Basecamp.  Introduction to the Mojave with Cynthia.  

DAY 2    Breakfast at Cynthia’s.  Planning your safari with Cynthia.  Explore and hike the Amargosa valley.  Back to basecamp for quiet time. Dinner at Cynthia’s.  Evening under the stars.

Day 3    Breakfast at cynthia’s.  Road trip to explore iconic Death Valley.  Dinner in Death Valley. Back to basecamp. Relax under the stars or read a good book.

Day 4    Breakfast at Cynthia’s.  Explore Death Valley’s less traveled locations.  Dinner in Death Valley. Back to basecamp. Rest.

Day 5   Breakfast at Cynthia’s.  Gear fitting and off-road excursion overview.   Guided Off road tour in Cynthia’s desert vehicles.  Optional hike in the Amargosa. Dinner and discussion at Cynthia’s.  Hot springs soak. Sleep.

Day 6    Wrap- up discussion over breakfast with Cynthia.



“This is the sense of the desert hills, that there is room enough and time enough” ~ Mary Hunter Austin